Art is collaboration between God and the artist,
and the less the artist does the better. 
~ André Gide

We are established since 2002. For years, high quality plastic extrusion process has become our specialist.

In the year 2005, fiber with natural look from our brand has created an outstanding achievement all over the world on its debut. Therefore our company launch sister company, “Nganyam”, that emphasize its specialty in developing fiber products.

Due to our commitment in giving the best quality, we are using the HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) with special characteristic on Excellent Impact Resistance, Excellent Tear Strength, Excellent ESCR (Environment Stress Cracking Resistance), Excellent Tensile Strength, and High Rigidity. It's complies with the recommendations and statutory regulations in the USA, Japan and most European countries as non toxic material.

Nganyam is a place where exotic material, unique design, strong and durable products meets in combination. Nganyam will give you a high quality end, which you can not compare. Piece of art called Natural look fiber. The sensation of natural living will not only in your dream.

We offer you anything that you want, quality and sophisticated design that bound with the natural tradition. Or we can just call it the art of modern living.

Feel the strong and durable products. Feel the option to be one with the nature. Feel the beauty of sophisticated design. And feel the art of modern living.

Be our witnesses and feel the moment that will be beautifully last forever with Nganyam.



Resistance to Weathering Test, Colorfastness to Light, Tensile Strength and Elongation Test
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